A. I will be researching cases of “othering”. I have a book that contains one or two of these cases that I am considering. For example: one of the cases is about a man who was born in Japan, and became a citizen of the U.S. In his letter he discussed his feelings of being an outcast. After becoming an American citizen, his family in Japan looked at him as an American, rather than Japanese. In the states, being Japanese, he felt as if he could never truly be part of American culture, even though he is a citizen and has lived here for 30+ years. My first step will focus on this.

B. My second focus, would be on maybe looking at the psychology behind felling like an “other” even though you are part of society. Perhaps I will also look at how we as individuals cause people to feel this feeling of being on the edges of society.

C. Lastly, putting everything I have compiled together, into a cohesive representation of my topic.



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